Seller Frequently Asked Questions

The Celtic Marketplace is currently doing an initial launch. The purpose of this first phase is to connect Buyers from North America to Sellers around the world. New development is ongoing and support documents are being prepared.

Do you have a bulk import template?
We offer this service to Sellers with over 10 products to upload at one time.
Step 1: Download the Product Import Template and enter your product details.
Step 2: Once complete, Save As a .CSV file and email it to us.
Step 3: Note: Be sure to name your image files exactly as they are saved.
Step 4: Share your images with us via Google Folders, Dropbox or email them directly.
Step 5: Once we receive your information we will manage your bulk import.

How often are payouts?
For our initial launch, it will be every two weeks. This will ramp up to a weekly schedule in the near future. Each Seller can request a withdrawal from their Admin Panel between payouts.

How are taxes handled?
Default to North American Taxes.
Ships to and from USA = USA Taxes
Ships from and to Canada = Canadian Taxes.
Ships to USA from Other Countries = No Tax Applied

How are shipping charges handled?
Sellers can set per product shipping costs. Default shipping cost across the Marketplace $8 USD per order.

Will the Marketplace support multiple shipping origins?
We are currently working on implementing shipping origins by product so Sellers can set their own rules. We will notify all Sellers as soon as this feature is available.

Can I use a CSV Import for Bulk Product Uploads?
Yes, we can support CSV Imports and Image Uploads. Please contact us for assistance.

I don’t see a category for my product?
If you do not find a category for the product(s) you are adding, please let us know. We can add categories and sub-categories to support your product line.

Is there any charge for participating? 
Our commission on all sales is 10%, you keep 90% and all funds are deposited into your paypal account as soon as checkout is completed and a successful transactions.

How are orders administered – do you receive/process the order then pass it to us to fulfil? 
Each Customer order is sent directly to you. You will need to mark the order Fulfilled using your Seller Admin Dashboard.

Should an item be out of stock how would this be dealt with?
In each case, the Seller will need to notify the customer that an item is unavailable. We are able to set Stock Levels on the platform as well.

Are any arrangements agreed now fixed for the foreseeable future or are you running a trial period only? 
We will be reviewing our plans as we gather more data and feedback from both Buyers and Sellers.