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McHarp: Crosses with Meaning
237 Gold Rd, Fredericksburg, Texas, United States, 78624 (830) 896-4994

McHarp: Crosses with Meaning has a vision to create expressions honoring a heritage of spirituality, faith, and beauty. For more than 20 years, McHarp has replicated the beauty and reverence of ancient and historic memorials from around the world, as well as finding inspiration for original designs from nature and life interactions. The ancient beauty of the art which transcends time, steeped in symbolism and created for enjoyment now and a legacy for generations to come.

Most McHarp designs come from the Celtic Nations: Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man and Wales; however, inspirations of faith and beauty come from other countries including England, France, Germany, United States and even Japan. In addition to the crosses, McHarp also offers intricate décor items such as manuscript letters, plaques depicting the historical missions of San Antonio, Texas, saints, haiku, and other expressions of culture and heritage.

Jim & Kim Keeter and their children are the proud owners of McHarp. The studio is located on their family farm in Fredericksburg, TX. Production is limited, and all of their work is handmade using a limestone casting material and proprietary process.

Language: English

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Average Turn Around Time after order: 3 to 5 Business Days