Lir Pennywhistle Pack (Key High D)




Immerse yourself in Ireland’s rich cultural legacy with the Rhythm of The Dance Pennywhistle Pack. Whether you’re on stage or in the comfort of your home, this pack captures the timeless allure and grace of Irish music.

The LIR PENNYWHISTLE is a finely crafted instrument, ideal for those venturing into the world of whistles.


  • Made from premium brass for durability and resonance
  • Adorned with a sleek black paint finish, adding an element of sophistication
  • Features a polymer molded head, enhancing both playability and tone
  • Offered in the Key of High D, the favored key for traditional Irish Music, ensuring authenticity and flexibility

Unlock the wealth of Irish musical heritage with the Lir Pennywhistle – where tradition and craftsmanship blend seamlessly.

Includes Beginner Tuition Book!


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Lir Pennywhistle Pack (Key High D)