Lir Whistle (Key High A)


Lír’s whistles can effortlessly flow across three octaves. Volume, tone and accuracy are all crucial when it comes to cutting across in any Irish traditional music session or gig. The weight of the whistles provide the durability and stability needed when playing in higher octaves. Lír works with some of the best whistle players in the world and receives feedback to improve the design. 




Body: Lír’s whistles are all made from brass which we believe gives a rich and bright tone. The whistles are finished off with a silverplating process over the brass. This silver plating gives the whistle an elegant look as well as maintaining a clean look for longer. 

Head: The head of the whistle consists of a polished Delrin® with the silver plated brass. To finish off the head, the Lír logo is laser engraved into the whistle adding the final touch. 

Tunability:  Lír’s whistles are fully tuneable and can be adjusted to suit the players requirement. The whistle is set sharp which allows the player to manipulate the slide to perfectly in tune or flat. 

Maintenance: Lír’s whistles have very little maintenance but there are a few things that are encourage to keep your whistle in the best condition.  After each use clean the bore of the whistle with a mop to remove moisture. If the tuning slide of the whistle becomes stiff apply a small amount of cork grease. You can also disinfect the whistle with any alcohol wipes. Use a silver cleaning cloth to keep  your whistle looking superb.



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Lir Whistle (Key High A)